Ice Dam

A Lexington man clears snow off his roof.

Forecasted Rain Prompts Roof Collapse Warning From MEMA

With up to two feet of snow blanketing eastern Massachusetts, and rain in the forecast, Massachusetts Emergency Management officials are warning people of the possibilities of ice dams and roof collapses.


A Framingham man dumped thousands of dollars into his home expecting to be reimbursed.  But his bank is witholding the insurance check.

Framingham Man May Lose Home After Bank Witholds $50K Insurance Check

A Framingham man spent thousands to repair his home that was destroyed by ice dams this winter. Now he may lose the house because his bank is refusing to turn over the $48,000 insurance check.


File image (credit: AP)

Curious About Rock Salt & Roofs

Is it okay to use some rock salt on the edge of the roof to deal with ice dams? – David, E. Bridgewater



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