Registry of Motor Vehicles (WBZ-TV)

I-Team: Federal Agency Making Changes To Prevent RMV Nightmares For Drivers

A federal agency is making changes to a national database to prevent innocent drivers from experiencing the frustration caused by cases of mistaken identity.

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I-Team: New Bill Would Regulate Airbnb, Short Term Rentals In Mass.

A Boston lawmaker says short term rentals can have a detrimental effect on a neighborhood.


MBTA The Ride (WBZ-TV)

I-Team: Critics Say Eligibility Process For ‘The Ride’ Goes Too Far

There is now a push to make sure everyone who gets on The Ride should actually qualify. However, some people complain the new eligibility process goes too far.


Martin Finch (WBZ-TV)

I-Team: Man Posing As Engineer Allegedly Scammed More Customers

A man claiming to be a licensed engineer that the I-Team exposed last year appears to be at it again, despite a court order not to.


Joan Mullahy (WBZ-TV)

I-Team: Medical Billing Errors Could Put Health At Risk

Billing errors can be a financial burden on patients and taxpayer-funded programs and can also put someone’s health at risk.


Green Line (WBZ-TV)

I-Team: Many MBTA Passengers Getting Free Rides

For several days in a row, the I-Team watched as passengers got on board the Green Line trolleys for free.


Patti Mahoney. (WBZ-TV)

I-Team: NH Woman To Ride In Fourth Of July Parade After Heart Transplant

The I-Team discovered that New England transplant patients wait longer than almost anyone in the country for organs.


Snow plow. (WBZ-TV)

I-Team: Snow Plow Damage Claims Skyrocket, But Boston Residents Get Cold Shoulder

The I-Team reviewed claims in the City of Boston, compared the denial rate with surrounding communities, and asked the mayor if residents are getting a fair shot.



I-Team: Drivers Upset After Paying Excessive Tobin Bridge Fees Just Before Amnesty Program

Thousands of drivers took advantage of a June amnesty program that forgave enormous toll fines racked up for trips across the Tobin Bridge.


'Ramp to nowhere' in Billerica (Photo from Ryan Kath/WBZ)

I-Team: ‘Ramps To Nowhere’ Removed In Billerica

Some recently-installed ramps in Billerica had some taxpayers shaking their heads and asking, ‘What were they thinking?’