Hunter Injured When Dog Steps On Shotgun Trigger GuardA New Hampshire man was accidentally shot while pheasant hunting in north-central Iowa when a dog stepped on a shotgun trigger guard and the gun fired.
State Trooper Who Accidentally Shot Norton Woman Will Not Be ChargedCheryl Blair was walking her dogs in Norton on New Year's Eve when her neighbor, John Bergeron, mistook her dog for a deer and shot her.
Norton Woman Sues Trooper Who Shot Her In Hunting AccidentThe Norton woman who was seriously injured in a hunting accident on New Year’s Eve is suing the off-duty state trooper who shot her.
Norton Woman Shot By Hunter Returns HomeThe Norton woman severely injured by a hunter while she was walking her dogs in the woods near her home is out of the hospital.
Pro-Hunting Group Calls For Charges Against State TrooperThe president of pro-hunting group the Sportsmen's Alliance is urging police to file charges against a State Trooper over an accidental shooting on New Year’s Eve.
Husband Can Not Forgive Accidental Shooting Of Wife By State Trooper The family of a woman shot by a state trooper over the weekend is angry and wants answers.
Marlboro Hunter Shot And Killed By Another Hunter In NH WoodsA 31-year-old man hunting with his father and brother was shot and killed by another hunter in Lisbon, New Hampshire on Wednesday morning.