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Home Depot

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Home Depot Shoplifter Uses Stun Gun To Escape

A shoplifter used a stun gun to escape custody from a Manchester, New Hampshire Home Depot back on Oct. 29.


Money Matters – Retirement Myth #4: I Am Going To Work Forever

According to a survey done by Merrill Lynch over 75% of Boomers plan to work in retirement.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–06/09/2011

Older Workers

Duck And 6 Ducklings Leave Home Depot Home In Maine

A mallard duck that laid its eggs inside the garden center of a Home Depot store in Bangor has flown the coop.


Older Workers

Mallard Duck Nesting In Maine Home Depot Garden

A mallard duck is sitting on seven eggs in a nest in the lawn and garden section of a Home Depot store in Bangor, Maine.



Curious: Does Anyone Ever Win Store Receipt Survey Contests?

Andrea from Brockton is curious. She wrote, “I have gone to Home Depot and Lowe’s and the receipt says take a survey and win money. Does anybody win?”


Older Workers

Money Matters – Boomers Turn 65: Retire or Rehire

So is working going to be part of your retirement plan?

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–04/08/2011

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Curious About Getting Sales Tax Back

I returned something to Home Depot without a sales receipt for a store credit and they said they couldn’t return the sales tax. Why is that? The state is getting double sales tax. – Marylee, Southbridge


Looking At The Law: Employees Sue Over Not Being Able To Sit Down

WBZ’s Neil Chayet has a case in California where employees fight for their right to sit down on the job.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–03/07/2011

Older Workers

Home Depot To Hire 1,200 In Boston Area

Home Depot plans to hire more than 60,000 seasonal workers nationwide this spring to help with its busiest time of the year.




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