Celtics' Brad Stevens On His Decision Not To Alert Team Of Bomb ThreatCeltics head coach Brad Stevens had a tough call to make on Saturday night, and it had nothing to do with any plays on the hardwood.
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Harvard Student Shackled In Court To Face Bomb Hoax ChargeA Harvard student charged with causing Monday’s bomb scare on campus appeared in federal court briefly Wednesday afternoon.
MIT Says Gunman Hoax Was Retaliation For Suicide Of Aaron SwartzThe caller identified MIT President Rafael Reif as the target, and said the alleged gunman was retaliating against people involved in the suicide of Aaron Swartz.
Manti Te'o Girlfriend's Death Apparently A Hoax In a shocking announcement Wednesday night, Notre Dame said linebacker Manti Te'o was duped into an online relationship with a woman whose "death" from leukemia was faked by perpetrators of an elaborate hoax.
UMaine Evacuates Building After Bomb Threat HoaxThe University of Maine says students are being allowed return to a building that houses chemistry and marine sciences classes following a bomb threat hoax.
Coast Guard Says Gloucester Mayday Call Was A HoaxThe Coast Guard says a Mayday call reporting a sinking boat with two sailors on board in the waters off the coast of Gloucester earlier this month is now considered a hoax.
Man Arrested For Making Fake Bomb Threat At LoganA man has been arrested after allegedly claiming to have a bomb in his car as it was undergoing routine security screening at a Logan Airport parking garage.