Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Endorsed By Boston Mayor Marty WalshClinton called for hundreds of billions in new federal spending on infrastructure.
Top Massachusetts Democrats Lining Up Behind Hillary ClintonFellow Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders of neighboring Vermont has failed to catch fire among the party higher-ups.
Keller @ Large: Clinton On The Spot In Democratic DebateJon Keller says if there was a moment of brilliance or incompetence that changed the arc of this race, he didn't see if. And that benefits a Clinton campaign that has been steadily widening its lead over Bernie Sanders.
Keller @ Large: Hitting Her StrideNew national polling shows Hillary Clinton firmly in control of the Democratic race for president
Keller @ Large: How Much Do You Value Your Government Being Truthful?Jon Keller wonders if undecided voters care how honest the government is, or if they just assume politicians spin the truth.
Keller @ Large: What Biden's Decision MeansJoe Biden's decision not to run for president leaves Hillary Clinton in control of the race.
Boston Voters React To Biden's Decision To Stay Out Of Presidential RaceThe polls didn’t always show a hunger for a Joe Biden candidacy, but there were many voters still hoping he would enter the race.
Keller @ Large: A Woman Can Be PresidentJon says anyone who claims a woman can’t win the presidency next year doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
Keller @ Large: Hillary Clinton's Big NightJon says the only woman on stage was also the only obviously-presidential figure.
Keller @ Large: Politicians Have To Flip-Flop To SurviveTrash Hillary Clinton for her flip-flop if you like, or praise her for it. Jon Keller says they all have to do it.
Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Plan Mass. Campaign EventsThe two top Democratic candidates for president are planning to visit Massachusetts this coming week.
Keller @ Large: What Hillary Clinton Is And Isn'tLet's take an honest look at what Hillary Clinton is, and isn't.
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