Hillary Clinton

Keller @ Large: Politicians Have To Flip-Flop To SurviveTrash Hillary Clinton for her flip-flop if you like, or praise her for it. Jon Keller says they all have to do it.
Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Plan Mass. Campaign EventsThe two top Democratic candidates for president are planning to visit Massachusetts this coming week.
Keller @ Large: What Hillary Clinton Is And Isn'tLet's take an honest look at what Hillary Clinton is, and isn't.
Keller @ Large: What Is Happening To Hillary Clinton?Donald Trump is holding onto his lead in most polls, but among democrats, it's a very different story for longtime front-runner Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton Meets With Black Lives Matter Activists From Boston, WorcesterShe told activists they should promote specific policy changes rather than only focusing on "changing hearts."
Hillary Clinton To Propose $350 Billion Plan Tackling Student Loan DebtClinton's team worked with Sen. Elizabeth Warren's staff to develop the proposal.
Keller @ Large: 3 Reasons Hillary Clinton Is Losing Support Among WomenShe's the Democratic Party’s front-runner by a wide margin. But is there trouble for Hillary Clinton?
Hillary Clinton Spends $2 Million On Ads In NH, IowaHillary Rodham Clinton is spending $2 million airing the first television ads of her presidential race in some early voting states.
Keller @ Large: Drop The Jargon, Offer A Real PlanPerhaps as election day approaches, Hillary Clinton and her competitors will drop the jargon and offer a real plan.
Hillary Clinton Talks About Personal Emails During NH VisitHillary Clinton held a round-table discussion with New Hampshire small businesses Friday afternoon.
NightSide - Peter Schweizer, Author Of "Clinton Cash"
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential BidSanders says he will do more than simply raise progressive issues or nudge Hillary Rodham Clinton to the left.