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How The Flu Affects The Heart

Getting the flu often just means a few days of feeling lousy, but for some, it can have dangerous effects on the heart.


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How Energy Drinks Could Hurt The Heart

The hectic pace of modern life can make it seem hard to keep up. Some may try turning to energy drinks, which are purported to provide mental and physical stimulation, to help stay revved and alert. But are they safe?


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VIDEO: Five Steps To Heart Health

Five simple tips to know, eat, and do to maintain a healthy heart.


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VIDEO: Life Saving Surgery At CardioVascular Institute

Meet George — a patient who’s life was saved by surgeons at the CardioVascular Institute.


5-year-old Katy Murphy a heart transplant patient

Wakefield Girl Gets Heart Transplant In Time For Valentine’s Day

Katy Murphy is an energetic five-year-old who spent more than two and a half years on a list for a heart transplant.


Tyler Symes

High School Hockey Player Nearly Killed During Game Returns To Ice

Tyler Symes was a freshman back in 2010, when a puck hit him in the chest. He skated to the bench, where he collapsed. His heart simply stopped beating.


Dr Lawrence Cohn

NightSide – The NightSide Heart Doctor Makes A House Call!

Fixing matters of the heart…

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–03/19/2012

Heart cells from a rat grow in a Boston lab.

Boston Researchers Work To Grow Human Organs

BOSTON (CBS) – Faye Fortier has been awaiting a new heart for almost two years. Even as an implanted electric pump keeps her alive, she has mixed feelings about the transplant that will hopefully save […]


Dr Lawrence Cohn

NightSide – Dr. Larry Cohn Answers Questions About Heart Health

Dr. Larry Cohn returns to the NightSide Microphone.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–05/18/2011

Dr Lawrence Cohn

NightSide – Dr. Lawrence Cohn Answers Questions About Heart Health

Dr. Lawrence Cohn from Brigham and Women’s Hospital answers questions of the heart.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–02/14/2011



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