Dorchester Program Helping Fathers To Rebuild Celebrates GraduationThe Dorchester Fatherhood Program says they focus on teaching fathering skills, self-exploration, common sense, and historical/cultural awareness. 
WBZ Cares: Shadow Fund Volunteers Say Saving Pets Is HumblingThe Andover Animal Hospital has teamed up with the Shadow Fund over the years to perform hundreds of surgeries and medical procedures on pets in need.
Medical Study Finds Improved Communication Reduces ErrorsAccording to a study led by researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital, improvements in communication between doctors during patient handoffs can reduce injuries due to medical errors by 30 percent.
All Things Travel: JetBlue Begins Logan Service To PhiladelphiaOn May 23rd, JetBlue started flights to its 78th destination from Boston.
Louis Scatigna - The Financial Physician & Nilofer Merchant - The New How 12/11/10 93/2