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Report: Resuable Shopping Bags Becoming More Popular In Mass.

A new report finds that more supermarket shoppers in Massachusetts are taking home their groceries in reusable shopping bags.


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Study: Groceries More Expensive At Convenience Stores

You have more choices than ever when you need to pick up some groceries, but easier doesn’t always equal better.


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Money Matters – More Savings: Saving $6000 A Year

So think about this; if you can save $6000 a year, you have given yourself an $8000 before taxes raise.

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Money Matters – Good Stuff Cheaper: Groceries

The recession is over. But most of us are still not feeling wealthy.

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Money Matters – Saving More: Groceries

Groceries are not a discretionary item in your budget but you do have some flexibility as to how and where you spend your grocery money.

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The Fresh Grocer: Great Deals On Grapes, Potatoes, & Mangoes

You can find some great deals on grapes and mangoes at your grocery store right now.


The Fresh Grocer helps you grab that perfect pear.

The Fresh Grocer: Picking The Perfect Pear

The Fresh Grocer, Tony Tantillo, has some tips on picking the perfect pear.


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The Fresh Grocer: Choosing The Best Dill

It may be called a weed, but it can add fresh flavor to everything from soup to fish.


Gas Prices Are Falling, What Else Is Dropping?

First it was the high gas prices, then came the cost of anything that had gas in the equation — the price of a ticket to fly, and the price of…