Dead Shark Washes Ashore Beach In RevereA dead shark washed ashore a beach in Revere, drawing curious onlookers.
Great White Shark Stranded On Cape Cod BeachA great white shark was stranded on a Cape Cod beach on Monday morning.
New Equipment Will Track South Shore Great White SharksShark experts are very anxious to see just how many sharks return to our waters this summer.
Local Scientist Tracks Great White Shark On Trans-Atlantic Journey A Great White Shark is on a pretty historic journey.
Researchers Prepare For Ambitious Shark Tagging Mission Off Cape CodLast year, they tagged two sharks. this time, they have enough equipment to tag 20 great white sharks, and special permission from the state to work closer to shore.
MA Marine Biologist Tags 14-Foot Great White In FloridaA marine biologist from Massachusetts has taken his work to Florida, where he is helping a team tag great white sharks in order to learn about their behavior.
Surprising Data Collected From Sharks Tagged Off Cape CodThe state's leading shark expert says he's getting some surprising news from sharks he tagged off the coast of Cape Cod.
Researchers Reel In, SPOT Tag 15-Foot Great White Off Cape CodResearchers on Cape Cod are celebrating a "monumental leap forward in the science of the great white shark."
Researchers Begin Great White Shark Expedition Off Cape Cod The 125-foot vessel called the OCEARCH is anchored three miles off the Chatham shoreline. They use a unique method to tag and track sharks.
Researchers Get Up Close And Personal With Great White SharksGreg Skomal has deployed sound receivers along Cape Cod, and tagged great white sharks with transmitters so researchers know exactly when the sharks approach the shore.
Great White Shark Spotted Off Martha's Vineyard A Great White shark was spotted off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard Friday morning.