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Great White Sharks

(Photo Credit: WBZ-TV via AP Photo/Shelly Negrotti)

Kayaker On Close Call With Shark Off Cape Beach: ‘I Got Lucky’

Walter Szulc was brave enough to return to Nauset Beach Monday, two days after the scare of a lifetime.


(Photo Credit: WBZ-TV via AP Photo/Shelly Negrotti)

Cape Cod Beach Reopened After Shark Sighting

A popular Cape Cod beach was reopened on Sunday, one day after it had to be closed because of a shark sighting.


Great white shark off Chatham coast. (Photo credit: George Breen)

New Great White Shark Sightings On Cape Cod

No Cape Cod beaches have been closed to swimming, although officials are warning swimmers to use caution.


Photo from 2011 shark survey. (Credit: Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries)

Two Great White Sharks Hanging Out Off Chatham Coast

Now that the infamous bear has left Cape Cod, the area has some different wildlife to buzz about.


Chatham beach

Beachgoers Anxious Despite Constant Shark Patrols On Cape Cod

The sharks are getting close enough to shore that swimming is off limits in the evening and early morning at some beaches.


A spotter in an airplane snapped photos of the shark hunters tagging a great white.

Shark Hunters Surprised With Number Of Sightings On Cape Cod

They say they’ve seen sharks in relatively shallow water, 4-5 feet deep, and just a stone’s throw from the beach where all the people are.


Great white shark (File Image)

Researchers Get Up Close And Personal With Great White Sharks

Greg Skomal has deployed sound receivers along Cape Cod, and tagged great white sharks with transmitters so researchers know exactly when the sharks approach the shore.


(Credit: Jeff Lynch)

Vineyard Warrior Triathletes Warned To Be On The Lookout For Sharks

Close to 300 people have already signed up for the first-ever Vineyard Warrior triathlon, set to take place in waters where shark sightings are being made.


Sharks, like this one spotted off the Cape last summer, have reportedly been seen off the Cape in recent weeks.

Great White Shark Spotted Off Monomoy Point In Chatham

A great white shark was spotted off the coast of Chatham on Wednesday.


Photo from 2011 shark survey. (Credit: Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries)

Great White Sharks Return To Cape Cod Waters

Great white sharks have returned to the area off Cape Cod for the summer. And on Friday, we got our first look at them near Chatham.