Big I's Diner (WBZ-TV Photo)

Oxford Diner Owner Apologizes For Refusing Veteran, Service Dog

Ireland says he now has a better understanding of the situation because veterans have come in or called and explained to him how an animal can help veterans cope with PTSD.


Glaser and his dog Jack. (Credit: Christina Hager/WBZ)

Protest Planned At Oxford Diner That Refused Veteran, Service Dog

Protesters are planning to target a diner in Oxford that refused to serve a veteran and his service dog.


Glaser's dog Jack (Credit: Christina Hager/WBZ)

Oxford Diner Owner Says Veteran, Service Dog Not Welcome In Restaurant

He made it through two tours in Iraq but James Glaser says today, he can’t get through the simplest of tasks without his furry friend — therapy and service dog Jack.