Fake Craigslist Ad Offers 328 Fog Machines In FoxboroCheck out this phony ad hawking hundreds of fog machines out of Foxboro.
Patriots: Foxboro Fog 'Challenging At Times' But Didn't Change The GameBoth the Patriots and Falcons denied that Sunday's foggy conditions affected the game.
Julio Jones: 'Crazy' That Patriots Shot Off Fireworks Despite Foggy ConditionsWhile such a freak occurrence can happen from time to time with something as temperamental as the weather, that didn't stop one Falcons player in the losing locker room from wondering if something strange was afoot.
Fog Causes Major Delays At Logan AirportThere were major delays in and out of Logan Airport Friday night, despite a day filled with sunshine.
Winding down August with foggy nights
A Brief Push of Heat & Humidity...Just an awesome summer day out there with sunshine, warm temps in the 80's and moderate humidity. It all is making for a perfect weather combo. High pressure pulls off the coast later today and warmer more humid air will begin to wrap in Monday.