All About InsuranceInsurance is a financial tool that allows us to protect the ones we love and the stuff we own from the catastrophes of life.
Obama Expected To Sign Bill Curbing Flood Insurance Premium HikesThe president is set to sign legislation relieving homeowners in flood-prone neighborhoods from big increases in their insurance bills.
Congress Clears Bill To Ease Flood Insurance HikesCongress passed a bill scaling back flood insurance premium increases, allowing below-market insurance rates to be passed on to people buying homes.
State Bill Seeks To Soften Flood Insurance RulesLegislation backed by Attorney General Martha Coakley and state House Speaker Robert DeLeo aims to soften the impact of new federal flood insurance rules on some homeowners.
Insurance Is A Financial ToolAs one prepares for the catastrophes of life we need to consider insurance as a financial tool.
Flood Zone Map Changes Could Mean Higher Flood Insurance CostsIt just got more expensive for some people to own a home. It's not rising interest rates, but another cost that will impact some homeowners.
What To Do If You're A Flood VictimSeveral North Shore homes and businesses were damaged by severe flooding on Tuesday morning. As a result, hundreds will be looking to know if their insurance covers the damage.
Bank Of America Faces Flood Insurance ComplaintsSome local families are furious with Bank of America. They claim the massive institution bullied them into buying expensive flood insurance which they didn’t need.
Tips To Protect Your Home In Case Of FloodingFrom roof tops to basements, homeowners are already worried for the next threat from all our snow: flooding.