Flat Tom Brady

Flat Tom visits WFAN Sports Radio in New York

Robi, Flat Tom Brady Visit New York Radio Station

The Patriots and Jets are set to square off in Foxboro on Sunday, and to get you ready, WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud and his companion Flat Tom Brady bravely ventured into Jets territory for a second day.


Broadway Tom

Flat Tom Brady: Sticks And Stones…

Flat Tom got the king sized bed, the reporter ended up on the bedbug infested hotel cot. Hey, he’s the probable MVP!



Robi & Flat Tom Brady: Behind Enemy Lines

How are NY Jets fans preparing for the big game this Sunday against the Patriots? WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud is in the city that never sleeps to check out the competition.



Robi & Flat Tom Brady: Trading Places With WCBS Reporter

New England Patriots fans are gearing up for Sunday’s coming game- Patriots versus Jets, the overarching rivalry a long-standing one: Boston versus New York.


Flat Tom catches on feud news as he prepares to board the Acela for New York. (credit David Robichaud)

Flat Tom Brady (And Robi) Travel To Jets Country

Yesterday’s blizzard may have been my last story at WBZ. Why? I’m about to embark on perhaps my most dangerous story ever.