Keller @ Large: Time To Crack Down On Hydrant-Blocking DriversI would urge the AG-elect to also consider the role public shaming might play in putting the screws to these creeps.
Daily Talker: Is $100 Fine Enough For Blocking Fire Hydrant?Boston firefighters say it was "inexcusable" that a parked BMW was blocking a fire hydrant near the scene of an 8-alarm fire in East Boston Wednesday night. Firefighters smashed through the driver and passenger windows to feed a hose through. The hose still had a kink in it, so bystanders helped firefighters lift and bounce the car away from the curb.
Illegally Parked BMW Smashed By Boston Firefighters Was Brand NewThe friend of a driver who had his car windows smashed out by firefighters in East Boston on Wednesday evening says the vehicle was only two days old.
Snow Plow Strikes Hydrant, Flooding Eight Newton HomesA snow plow struck a fire hydrant early Saturday morning, sending water rushing into area homes.
Top State Official Apologizes For Parking In Front Of Fire HydrantA top state official is offering an apology after an angry viewer snapped a photo of his car parked in front of a fire hydrant.
Car Strikes Fire Hydrant In WorcesterA car smashed into a fire hydrant in Worcester Sunday evening.