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Fight Off Zombie Debt With These Three Tips

Because debt collection companies sometimes sell old debt, accounts can be brought back to life creating what some call “zombie debt.”


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The Benefits Of Online Bill Pay

Using online bill pay can help you pay down debt, manage your money, save money and reduce stress.


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The Myth Of Credit Repair

The ads from credit repair companies pop up everywhere. But can credit repair companies be trusted?


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How ‘Wants’ Will Sabotage Your Budget

Buying things is perfectly normal, but many have trouble distinguishing between “wants” and “needs.”


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Choosing A Consumer Credit Counseling Agency

All consumer credit counseling agencies aren’t created equal, and some can pose risks to consumers.


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The Ideal Spending Plan

Figuring out how much you spend and where you spend it will help you meet your financial goals.


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Ways To Make Extra Income

It’s time to think about extra income ideas. Making more money will certainly provide a pick-me-up for your budget.


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What To Expect In Your Counseling Session

Credit counseling can help with easing credit card debt and achieving financial goals.


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How To Master Comparison Shopping

Comparison-shopping is a very useful skill to help reduce your expenses and live within your means.


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Baby Boomers Making Common Financial Mistakes

Workers in their 40s and 50s don’t have a lot of time left to secure their financial future, and there are several common mistakes that often threaten their dreams.





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