F. Lee Bailey 'Terribly Skeptical' About Knife Allegedly Buried At O.J. Simpson's PropertyOne of O.J. Simpson’s attorneys from the "Trial of the Century" said he’s “terribly skeptical” about a knife purportedly found years ago at Simpson’s former home.
Desalvo Was The Real Boston Strangler? Never Any Doubt Among Those Who Knew!!! I covered his trial in Middlesex Superior Court from start to finish.....many times stuck a microphone under Albert s chin and I believe he was the Strangler and.......and......Albert's defense attorney, F. Lee Bailey....at the time the most prestigious defense lawyer in the entire country said to me....."Gary, make no mistake....Albert is the Strangler."
New DNA Testing Ties Boston Strangler To 1964 Mary Sullivan MurderInvestigators say new testing on DNA evidence ties Albert DeSalvo to the 1964 murder of Mary Sullivan.
Albert DeSalvo's Family Furious About Secret DNA CollectionThe family of a deceased man suspected of being the Boston Strangler is outraged police secretly followed his nephew to collect DNA for new tests.
Maine Denies Law License For O.J. Simpson Attorney F. Lee BaileyF. Lee Bailey, the attorney who represented O.J. Simpson and Patty Hearst, had been denied his request to practice law in Maine.