Eric Fisher

Hurricane Joaquin Continues To Move Out To SeaIt is expected to pass relatively close to New England late Monday into Tuesday, at least in terms of hurricane distance.
Hurricane Joaquin: Encouraging Trend, But Staying WaryIt is looking likely that the storm will miss us, but even a close pass could bring coastal flooding, erosion, and other issues.
Hurricane Joaquin's Track Difficult To ForecastPredicting Hurricane Joaquin's track is proving to be a difficult task for meteorologists.
Tracking Hurricane Joaquin: An East Coast Hit?WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher takes a closer look at the track of Joaquin.
Tracking Hurricane Joaquin: An East Coast Hit?Everyone from North Carolina to New England should pay extremely close attention to Hurricane Joaquin.
Heavy Rain Could Put Damper On First Big Fall Weekend In New EnglandThe heavy rain could put a big damper on the first big fall weekend of the season.
Feast Or Famine: Big Rain Event To Break The DroughtFor the last several months it's all been about exceptionally dry conditions. But we may make up the entire rainfall deficit over just a few days this week. Here's a look at the first big storm system of the season.
Drought Update: Dry Times ContinueThe rainfall deficit is leaving a visible mark on the landscape. Is it a start of a bigger drought ahead?
Equinox Ahead! Weather Matches The OccasionAutumn is in the air, just in time for the equinox. Time to get your fill of crisp air and chilly nights.
New England Weather Running Hot And ColdHot or cold - there just hasn't been a whole lot of middle ground for New England weather in 2015. Here's a look at the wild swings to either side of the spectrum.
Summer in September - A Record Pace?Not ready to let go of summer? A warm week is stretched out ahead of us with plenty of 80s ahead. On top of that, the persistent warmth this month should put us close to record territory for September.
Goodbye Heat, Hello Rain!After a very dry stretch of weather, rain is finally on the way. Here's a look at two storms ahead that could bring some significant drought relief as we head into autumn.