Equal Pay For Comparable Work Becomes Law In MassachusettsThe new law takes effect July 1, 2018.
Baker Plans To Sign Equal Pay BillGov. Charlie Baker says he plans to sign a bill that would require men and women to be paid equally for comparable work.
Opinion: Obama’s Talk Of A War on Women Contradicted By The Elevation Of Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton is a glowing example of the heights women are reaching in the United States in recent times. She contradicts the notion thrust forth by President Obama and his political party that there is an alleged-“War on Women”.
Opinion: Democrats Pick Another Losing Issue Focusing On BindersIt’s great that Obama made the binders the headlines since last Tuesday night’s debate because the truth about Mitt Romney’s record on hiring women and the truth about Obama’s alleged war on women is finally coming out – and helping Romney in the polls.