Quincy Hospital Closes, ER RemainsAn emergency room is all that remains of a 124-year-old hospital in Quincy.
Can I Pay For Contacts Or Glasses With My Health Insurance?Some insurance plans may include coverage for contacts and glasses, though most don't.
How Do I Choose A Doctor?Finding a new primary care physician takes time, patience and research. Start by considering your personal needs.
How Do I Use My Health Insurance?A main goal of Obamacare is to switch the nation’s healthcare system from one that focuses on treating illness to one that works to prevent illness and promote health and longevity.
Where Can I Get Care?Your insurance company and state government maintain directories of doctors. These can be great starting places for learning where to get care.
Ways To Save On Healthcare From The AARP BulletinHere are some ways to save on healthcare.
Contaminant In Emerson Emergency Room IdentifiedA patient brought to Emerson Hospital's emergency room appeared to be contaminated, requiring the hospital to secure the area.
Merrimack, N.H. Police Say Infant Drowned In Bathtub Merrimack police say an investigation into the death of an 8-month-old infant inside a home has confirmed that the boy drowned in a bathtub.
Jordan Hospital E.R. Loses Air Conditioning In Heat WaveThe heat was really on at Jordan Hospital Thursday morning.
Dan Rea Goes To The Emergency Room. Was It Justified?
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