Exploding E-Cigarette Burns Hotel GuestA man suffered burns early Saturday morning after his electronic cigarette exploded inside a Chelmsford hotel.
Maine To Ban Electronic Cigarettes In Public PlacesThe law goes into effect on Thursday.
Daily Talker: FDA To Propose E-Cigarette RegulationsFor the first time, the federal government will regulate the booming electronic cigarette industry, under a proposal being released Thursday. The Food and Drug Administration wants to ban sales of e-cigarettes to minors, require approval for new products, and require health warning labels. Companies would also be banned from making health-related claims without scientific evidence.
Daily Talker: How Should E-Cigarettes Be Regulated?As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity as an alternative to smoking, so do concerns about teens who use them. D.J. Wilson of the Massachusetts Municipal Association says the self-reported rate of e-cigarette use by high schoolers doubled between 2011 and 2012. "For kids, it's cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes," said Wilson.
Cohasset Hopes To Ban Use Of E-CigarettesThe town of Cohasset wants to outlaw electronic cigarettes.
Boston To Regulate Sales Of Electronic CigarettesBoston city officials are stepping up efforts to regulate electronic cigarettes that deliver nicotine and individual cigars.