FriendshipWorks: Offering Free Help for Elders
The Grandparent ScamScammers will call or send messages pretending to be a grandchild begging the grandparent to wire money immediately.
Scam Prevention For The ElderlyEvery year thousands of people lose money to telephone scams, from a few dollars to their life savings.
The Financial Obstacles Along The WayLife is full of obstacles! A stock market downturn, a job loss, illness, a disability, divorce, a boomerang kid, even elderly parents needing financial help.
Woman, 93, Bound In Hollis, NH Home InvasionA 93-year-old woman and her 60-year-old female caretaker were tied up in a home invasion Wednesday morning, police said.
How Scammers Target The ElderlyThere are three simple explanations for this: memory loss, loneliness, and a more trusting nature.
Looks Matter: The Signs Of Aging That Can Signal Heart DiseaseAs if getting older is not challenging enough, research points to certain signs of aging as a marker for higher risk of heart disease.
Many Drugs Not Well-Suited for the ElderlyAs people age, they are likely to require more and more medications for a variety of ailments. But if those multiple medications are prescribed by a number of doctors, patients can run into trouble. Some drugs don’t interact well with others. Some simply are not ideal for senior citizens.
How To Survive Parents Moving Into Your Boston HomeStart here to make the transition of parents moving in as seamless as possible.
Mother’s Day: Helping MomMother’s Day is next Sunday. So we need to talk more about our moms.
Caregiver Homes - Helping the Elderly & Disabled in Massachusetts
Hingham Police Search For Elderly Armed Bank RobberHingham police are looking for a man they say robbed the Hingham Institution for Savings on Saturday afternoon.