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Daily Talker: Have You Changed Your Mind About Edward Snowden?

In his first interview with a US television network, National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden says he would like to go home.

“I don’t think there’s ever been any question that I’d like to go home,” Snowden told Brian Williams of NBC News. “Now, whether amnesty or clemency ever becomes a possibility is not for me to say. That’s a debate for the public and the government to decide. But, if I could go anywhere in the world, that place would be home.”


Edward Snowden.   (Photo from The Guardian via Getty Images)

Behind The Mic With Joe Mathieu: Edward Snowden Nominated For Peace Prize

It’s not uncommon for the Nobel Peace Prize to come with some controversy. Just think back to when President Obama won in what was almost framed as a pre-emptive award.


Edward Snowden.   (Photo from The Guardian via Getty Images)

Keller @ Large: Did Snowden Do Us A Favor?

Are we worried about future terrorist attacks on us, and eager for the government to do everything it can to prevent them? Absolutely, we Bostonians of all people should be.



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