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Activists Warning Consumers About New Bank Loan Product

Wells Fargo and US Bank have begun offering loans that customers draw against their paychecks.


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Security Flaw Affects Two Of The Largest U.S. Banks

Your private information could become public, especially if your credit card comes from Bank of America or Chase Bank.


More Banks Cancelling Customers’ Credit Cards

The intent of the credit card reform law is pretty clear. It is supposed to protect consumers from getting taken advantage of by big banks.


Gift Receipts

Customers Using Gift Receipts For Returns Say Wal-Mart Shortchanged Them

Some consumers who have gift receipts from the nation’s largest retailer say Wal-Mart is shortchanging them.


Customers’ Email Addresses Stolen During Breach Of Several Companies

After millions of consumer email addresses were recently stolen, authorities are warning people to be on the look out for phony emails from scammers trying to steal your personal information.


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Curious About Finding Unknown Charges On Bills

How many of us check every bill we receive, line by line? When one Amesbury family did they discovered a “mystery” charge. They say they’re victims of “cramming” — being billed for an unauthorized charge.


Tips To Maximize Reward Card Points

Reward cards sound like a great idea. Just use your credit card like you always do, but earn points or cash back in the process. These cards can work for you, but only if you have the right strategy.



Curious Whether The T Is Over Charging Riders

It’s supposed to save you time, but the T’s Charlie Card may be costing you more money than it should.


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Help! Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

If you haven’t finished (or even started) your Christmas shopping yet, here are some last-minute tips from Consumer World founder Edgar Dworsky.


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Early Birds Skip Sleep For Black Friday Bargains

Black Friday got off to a busy start across southern New England.