Dr. Mallika Marshall

Wearable Technology Monitors Your StressSpire allows you to track your daily stress levels.
New Wearable Technology Tracks Stress LevelThe device tracks the pattern of your breath to determine if you're calm, focused, or tense.
Doctors' White Coats May Spread BacteriaAccording to a recent report, a growing number of doctors believe the iconic white coats should be retired.
More People Experience Cybersickness From TechnologyMore and more users of technology are developing nausea and dizziness.
Digital Glasses Help Kids With 'Lazy Eye'The glasses, called Amblyz, have been approved by the FDA and cost around $450.
Two Boston Hospitals To Sequence Genome Of Newborns For The First Time EverFor the first time ever doctors at Brigham & Women's and Boston Children's Hospital are sequencing the genome of newborns.
Local Researchers Use Toenails, Ponytails To Better Understand CancerToenail and ponytail samples hold the keys to understanding certain diseases in humans.
Carbonated Water Not Always A Healthy AlternativeMany people drink carbonated water, thinking it's a healthier option than soda or sugary drinks, but as Dr. Mallika Marshall reports, it may not be.
The Science Behind The Perception Of BeautySome say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is that really true, and if so, why?
New Warning About Energy Drinks Causing Rise In Blood PressureA third of teens and young adults say they consume energy drinks on a regular basis.
Is Charcoal Becoming A Popular Supplement?Activated charcoal is sometimes used by doctors to prevent damage from an accidental overdose.
Botox Injections Help Stop Excessive SweatingThe Botox injections help those dealing with a condition called "hyperhidrosis," which causes excessive sweating.
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