Dr. Mallika Marshall

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Sleep Position May Help Prevent Brain Disorders

Poor sleep is bad for the brain. Now, experts think that sleep position may be important, too.


kids picky eating, picky eaters

Most Picky Eating Harmless But It Can Signal Emotional Woes, Study Claims

Many kids are picky eaters, but could it be a sign of something more serious?


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Boston-Based Apps Help People Recovering from Addiction

Two Boston-based start-ups are using technology to try to make a difference.


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Over-The-Counter Supplements Probably Don’t Improve Fertility

Women having trouble getting pregnant often try every trick in the book, but can an over-the-counter supplement really make a difference?


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Boston Doctor Physically Feels What His Patients Feel

A neurologist at Mass General Hospital can connect with patients on a level most cannot.


Cory Cook walks with assistance from ReWalk Robotics. (WBZ-TV)

Robotic Suit Helps Paralyzed NH Man Walk

Three years ago, Cory Cook was paralyzed from the chest down during a swimming accident.


Seven-year-old Cadence, pricked by a needle she picked up in Hyde Park (Family photo)

Girl Pricked By Needle At Boston Playground

A young girl is being treated with drugs to prevent HIV after she was pricked by a needle at a Hyde Park playground.


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Doctors Say Drinking Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day Is Unnecessary

You may often hear you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and healthy, but as Dr. Mallika Marshall reports, you can probably flush that number down the toilet.


In the A4 study, patients without significant memory loss will be screened with special brain scans looking for the presence of amyloid, a protein that clutters the brain. (WBZ-TV)

Research Shows Possibility Of Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Through Saliva

Imagine being able to spit into a cup to find out if you’re at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. As Dr. Mallika Marshall explains, that day may not be far off.



Sitting For Long Periods Of Time May Increase Cancer Risk

A new study finds that sitting on your duff for long periods of time can raise a woman’s risk of cancer.