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Simple Blood Test May Predict Women’s Fertility

There is a simple blood test that can provide some important answers and some peace of mind years before becoming a mom.


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Health Watch: High Fiber Diet, Binge Watching Warning

Dr. Mallika Marshall recommends a diet that gets results and has a warning about binge watching TV shows.


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Winter Cleanup Presents Health Dangers

The emergency room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is seeing plenty of injuries caused by falls, and they’re not just bruises.


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Putting Baby Plans On Hold Could Impact Future Generations

Research found a large number of couples were so scared by the Great Recession, they decided not to have children.


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Naps & Lobster Are Good For Health

Dr. Mallika Marshall has good news if you like shellfish and naps.


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Revere Teen Defies Odds After Being Diagnosed With Rare Syndrome

A teenage boy who spent months unable to walk, talk or breathe on his own defied all odds when he walked out of a Boston hospital on Thursday.


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Brigham & Women’s Hospital Prescribes Videos To Keep Patients On Track

Vidscrips are short one to two minute videos that answer a variety of questions about common health issues.


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More Sleep Could Be The Key To Losing Weight

New research is showing that sleep deprivation can impact your weight.


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Doctor: Botox Breast Lift Is ‘Gimmick’

Dr. Mallika Marshall tells us about two new trends and whether they really work.


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I-Team: State Now Tracking ‘Substance Exposed Newborns’

The state’s new record keeping shows more than 1,500 substance exposed newborns over a nine month period.





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