Dr. Mallika Marshall

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FDA Approved Corneal Implant Corrects Near Vision LossEarlier this year the Food and Drug Administration approved KAMRA, a new implant which could help many patients ditch those readers.
Kids Paying The Price For Distracted Parents, Research SaysResearchers say kids now feel they have to compete with technology for their parent's attention.
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Texas Child May Be Youngest Diagnosed With Type 2 DiabetesA child in Texas may be one of the youngest children ever diagnosed with the disease.
Study: Antibacterial Soap Does Not Kill More GermsIt's hard to find a hand soap these days that doesn't claim it is “antibacterial”, but is it really better than regular soap?
School Lunch Times Too Short For Some StudentsMany public schools are offering healthier options for lunch these days but are they giving students enough time to eat them?
Researchers Believe Alzheimer's May Be Contagious In Rare CasesCould Alzheimer's disease be contagious?  Dr. Mallika Marshall discusses startling research that raises that question.
Vitamin C Could Be Just As Good As Exercise For Your HeartResearchers found taking vitamin C had the same positive effect as brisk walking.