Hidden Cancers Uncovered With Glowing DyesHidden cancers revealed by fluorescent dye. It's an advance that could transform how hundreds of thousands of operations are done each year.
Study: Growing Number Of Children Going To ER With AnaphylaxisAccording to a new study, the rate of emergency room visits due to anaphylaxis increased by 150% from 2010 to 2016.
Scientists Discover New Drugs To Treat Hot FlashesScientists have developed a new class of experimental drugs to treat menopausal hot flashes.
Kids Who Have Trouble Sleeping May Be Exposed To Too Much Bright LightIf your child is having trouble getting to sleep at night part of the problem may be the amount of light they are exposed to before bed.
Researchers Say Dogs Respond Better To High-Pitched VoiceDo you speak to your dog like you do to a baby? Well, a new study finds that's probably the best way to communicate with your pooch
FDA Gives 23andMe Approval To Check For BRCA MutationsFor the first time the FDA has granted permission to market a direct-to-consumer genetic test to check for BRCA mutations that are associated with breast and ovarian cancer.
HealthWatch: Holding Hands Can Help Ease PainA study found that when male partners held the female partners’ hands, their brain waves synched up and the women's pain subsided.
HealthWatch: FDA Warns Against Fraudulent Flu RemediesThe FDA is warning consumers about flu remedies that are making suspicious claims.
HealthWatch: Mom's Diet Could Affect Child's Risk Of Allergy, EczemaResearchers find that a mother's diet can affect their baby's risk of allergies and eczema.
HealthWatch: Reversing Alzheimer's?A possible breakthrough has been made in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease.
HealthWatch: Do Calorie Counts Help You Eat Less?More and more food establishments are adding calorie counts to their menus and it may be paying off.
'Moms Love Wine' Culture Is Ruining Lives, Says North Shore MotherIt’s joked about on Facebook, in the movies and on TV - moms need wine. But a Marblehead mother says there is nothing funny about it.