Dr. Mallika Marshall

Alexandre and Ronaldo Antunes celebrate their first birthday. (WBZ-TV)

Rare Twins Born 24 Days Apart Celebrate First Birthday

Alexandre and Ronaldo Antunes were born 24 days apart in 2014, an extremely rare occurrence for twins.


Egg freezing (WBZ-TV)

Women Learn About New Family Planning Option At ‘Egg Freezing Party’

Dr. Mallika Marshall describes a whole new kind of party for women who eventually want to have babies.


A man sleeping. (WBZ-TV)

Does Sleep Improve Memory And Sex?

There’s more evidence that a midday siesta can do you good.


Palcohol comes in a pouch and can be turned into a cocktail just by adding water. There are four different varieties: rum, vodka, cosmopolitan and "powderita." (WBZ-TV)

Controversial Powdered Alcohol Gets Government Approval

It’s known as “Palcohol” and when mixed with water, it creates an instant cocktail. And even though the federal government now says it’s OK to sell and use, a push for a nationwide ban is now underway. Dr. Mallika Marshall explains.


Flibanserin (WBZ-TV)

FDA Rejects Libido Pill For Women Despite Promising Results

The pink pill promises to give women a boost in the bedroom, so why hasn’t it been approved?


Headache (WBZ-TV)

The Science Behind Our Memories

Why is it that most of us can’t recall what we had for lunch a week ago, but can easily recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Dr. Mallika Marshall investigates.


George Rue (WBZ-TV)

Hyperacusis Causes Everyday Sounds To Be Unbearable

A loud noise can be uncomfortable, but for some people, it can be downright painful.


(Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

More Men Feeling Pressure To Stay Fit

More men are feeling the pressure to have a “tight body” and appear lean and mean, affecting them in the way it’s long affected women, as Dr. Mallika Marshall reports.



Online Dermatologist Put To The Test

A new website is making it much easier to get a professional opinion.


A patient consults with a doctor online. (WBZ-TV)

Demand For Online Doctor Visits Is Growing

Going to the doctor when you’re sick may soon be a thing of the past. That’s because a face-to-face interaction is now just a click away.