Drought's Good News - Fewer TicksThe drought conditions that have gripped much of the Northeast this summer appear to have a silver lining — fewer ticks.
Mass. Residents Warned To Protect Against Ticks, Lyme DiseaseHealth officials have declared Lyme disease an epidemic in parts of the state.
Doctors Warn About Booming Tick PopulationThe mild winter temperatures we're enjoying mean the danger from ticks and Lyme disease has arrived early.
Barnstable Lyme Disease Program Has New Tool To Fight Deer TicksResearchers on the Cape are hoping a plastic contraption called the Four Poster Deer Feeding Station is part of the solution to a growing threat of Lyme disease.
Canton Lyme Disease Victim Fights Alarming Neighborhood Tick Trend it seems there’s a small pocket in Canton that's being hit harder by Lyme disease than anywhere else.