A coyote (Image credit Natick police)

Natick Police Warn Of ‘Aggressive’ Animal After 2 Attacks

Two people reported being attacked by an animal described as either a gray fox or coyote on Saturday.


Coyote running on Indian Ln in Canton (Canton Police/Twitter)

Coyote Runs With Canton Police Cruiser During Blizzard

Canton Police tweeted a picture of a coyote that was not obeying the statewide travel ban in Massachusetts.


Jon McPherson and his daughter Kaelyn. (WBZ-TV)

Rabid Coyote Bites Groveland Man

Two people had encounters with a coyote that is believed to be rabid.


A New Hampshire dog was hurt in a rare coyote attack Monday (WBZ-TV)

Rare Coyote Attack Injures N.H. Woman And Dog

A coyote attacked a New Hampshire woman and her dog Monday.


An Attleboro artist created these coyotes to scare geese away from the town's baseball field. (WBZ-TV)

Homemade Coyote Decoys Keep Geese Off Attleboro Field

An Attleboro artist created coyote decoys to scare geese away from the town’s baseball field.


The coyote was captured around 12:30 p.m. behind a home in Mattapan.

Coyote Captured In Mattapan After Wandering Near School

A school in Mattapan was put in safe mode late Thursday morning because a coyote was spotted wandering around outside.


Coyote (File Image)

Coyote Warning In Hingham

A Hingham woman thought she was going to lose her puppy to a pack of coyotes.


A coyote has taken up residence under a New Hampshire woman's home.

NH Woman Can’t Rid Her Home Of Stubborn Coyote

A New Hampshire woman says she’s concerned for her safety after a coyote moved in under her mobile home and he won’t leave.


A coyote was captured in Downtown Boston on Friday afternoon.(Photo Credit: Maggie O'Neil)

Downtown Boston Coyote Released Back Into Wild

The coyote captured in Downtown Boston Friday afternoon has been released into a much more wooded area.


A coyote was captured in Downtown Boston on Friday afternoon.(Photo Credit: Maggie O'Neil)

Coyote Captured In Downtown Boston

A coyote was captured in downtown Boston on Friday.