Scituate in the Blizzard of 2015. (Photo credit: Karen Monaco)

Mayors Combine Forces At Climate Change Preparedness Summit

Officials from a group of cities in the Boston area agreed to combine forces in an effort to be more prepared for the impact of climate change.


Eric Fisher

California On Fire – Wildfires Rage

It’s going to be a long spring/summer/fall across the west.


A Closer Look At The National Climate Assessment

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook The most frustrating thing when it comes to talking about our climate? Talking about our climate. Over the years it has taken on this political slant that now […]



Winter Reprieve Slowly Comes to an End

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Apologies for the blog absence lately! My eyes are still giving me trouble since lasik, and my vision is pretty blurry. I’ve been trying to give them a […]


Arctic Ice

New Signs Arctic Ice Is Melting At An Alarming Rate

This summer more Arctic ice melted than ever, making it the lowest the ice has been in recorded history.