'Clark Rockefeller' Murder Case Goes To JuryThe murder case against a notorious Rockefeller impostor has been turned over to a Los Angeles jury after the prosecutor implored the panel to find the defendant guilty.
Attorney For 'Clark Rockefeller' Argues Missing Wife Was Killer An attorney for a notorious Rockefeller impostor charged with murder has summoned up the specter of a vanished woman as the possible killer of a man slain more than a quarter century ago.
Appeals Court Upholds 'Clark Rockefeller' Kidnapping, Assault ConvictionsThe Massachusetts appeals court has upheld the kidnapping and assault convictions of the German man who used the name Clark Rockefeller.
Judge Sets Murder Trial Date For 'Clark Rockefeller'A judge who presided over the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor will hear testimony in the bizarre murder case against a man who assumed multiple identities including that of a Rockefeller.