Christina Hager

Paul Walk allegedly shot an arrow into the tire of a truck that he says was speeding in his neighborhood. (WBZ-TV)

North Reading Man Charged With Shooting Arrow At Teen’s Pickup Truck

A North Reading man charged with shooting an arrow at a teenager’s truck was ordered held on $1,000 bail Monday.


Ashlee Berryman (Facebook photo)

Malden Mother Shot, Killed In Everett Believed To Be Unintended Target

A witness said seven shots were fired off from close range outside Braza Bar and Grill on School Street.



Pothole Season Lasting Longer Than Usual Due To Brutal Winter

It’s like a bad winter hangover that just won’t quit.



Market Basket Prices Show Highest Increase, Survey Finds

A new survey finds that some Market Basket prices have risen more over the past year than at other grocery stores.


Yasin Rage and Suldano Bilal (WBZ-TV)

Mother Pleads For Public’s Help Finding Gunman After Worcester Shooting

A mother and her toddler were both shot as they sat in their car in Worcester.


Jack Loiselle (WBZ-TV)

School Officials Expressed Concerns About Abused Hardwick Boy

Workers at the boy’s school were so concerned, they say they called the Department of Children and Families many times–repeatedly raising a red flag about the boy’s condition.


Taxi drivers took up a lane of the Mass. Ave bridge Monday morning to protest Uber and Lyft. (Photo credit: Lee McGuire)

Cambridge Taxi Drivers On Strike To Protest Uber, Lyft

Taxi drivers in Cambridge went on strike Monday to protest ride-sharing services.


Bakers Island off Salem, Mass. (WBZ-TV)

Visitors Tour Mysterious Mass. Island For First Time In Decades

For the first time in decades, outsiders were allowed on a private island off the coast of Salem, Mass.


Seven-year-old Cadence, pricked by a needle she picked up in Hyde Park (Family photo)

Girl Pricked By Needle At Boston Playground

A young girl is being treated with drugs to prevent HIV after she was pricked by a needle at a Hyde Park playground.


Armed volunteers stand outside a military recruitment center in Manchester, NH (WBZ-TV)

Armed Volunteers Guard Military Recruitment Centers In NH

Armed civilian volunteers are guarding recruitment offices around the country after last week’s shootings in Chattanooga, TN.