Historic – First Ever Nanny Census in Boston
Census: Massachusetts Population Up 47,000While the increase is modest, it helps maintain Massachusetts' ranking at the 14th most populous state in the country.
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Curious About Being Picked For Jury DutyI am just curious about the process of selecting citizens for jury duty when the MAjury.gov website states they are "randomly chosen" and for the past 21 years I have been chosen every three years almost to the exact same date! I have many friends who have never been summoned for jury duty. Why not give them a chance to be part of the system and fulfill their civic obligation? - Joan, Holden
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Keller @ Large: Why Stay In Massachusetts?What do high-growth states like Washington, Utah and Georgia have to offer that we don't?
Keller @ Large: Someone's Got To GoLosing a seat in Congress is serious business because it means the loss of federal funding under distribution formulas based on population.
How Census Numbers Could Hurt Local CompaniesThe loss of a seat in Congress is bad news for local companies.
Mass. To Lose Seat In CongressOfficial U.S. Census numbers were released Tuesday and Massachusetts is going to lose a seat in Congress.
Mass. Expected To Lose House SeatMassachusetts is expected to lose a congressional seat when the new Census figures are released.
Who Has The Longest Commute In Massachusetts?According to the latest numbers from the Census Bureau, the average commute time in Massachusetts is 24 minutes one way.
Hey Census People...What About My Town?What is the U.S. Census data for my hometown? - Cheryl, Gloucester