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Dumb And Dumber Money Moves: Avoidable Fees

I started doing this particular series several years ago and every year I am amazed at the stories I hear from listeners.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–02/27/2012

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Beacon Hill Lawmakers Upset With Cell Phone Use, Chatter During Sessions

At least one lawmaker thinks distractions by idle chatter and cell phone conversations on Beacon Hill, are to say the least, disrespectful.


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Cell Phone Carrier Marketing Techniques An Invasion Of Privacy?

Your cell phone may be spying on you.


New Study Finds No Link Between Cell Phones And Cancer

Danish researchers can offer some reassurance if you’re concerned about your cellphone: Don’t worry. Your device is probably safe.


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Curious About Kicking Cell Phone Addictions

Whether it’s in restaurants, at the grocery store or behind the wheel, it seems people are always on their cell phones. That got one viewer curious.


Shut ‘Em (Cell Phones) Off!

As I wait in line at businesses or even drive on the road, people are too much into their cell phones anymore! I think there should be a National Cell Phone Shut Off Day, to make people realize how life existed before cell phones. – Robert, Littleton


Dr Mark Johnson

NightSide – Dan Rea Talks With Dr. Mark Johnson About Cell Phones And Cancer

Will potential cancer danger make you quit cell phones?

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–06/02/2011

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Mass. Consumers Could Soon Pay More In Taxes On Cell Phones

There’s a change coming this summer in the way your next cell phone could be taxed. It means many of us will end up paying more, despite those enticing ads we seen in the Sunday circulars which promise hundreds in savings.


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Massachusetts A Hotbed For Mobile Technology

Consumers are using the internet on the go more and more. According to a new report, Massachusetts is really a hotbed of mobile technology.


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Curious About Kids & Cell Phones in School

I am so disgusted with the misuse of kids using cell phones . This last one was were the kid was sexting while in school , instead of wasting our schools time of policing these kids make it a law that there will be no cell phones in school period .