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Catalytic converter

Dozens Of Catalytic Converters Stolen Off Cars At Dealership

Police are warning car dealerships about an organized ring of thieves stealing catalytic converters right off of parked cars, sometimes by the dozen.


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Police: Woman Stole Catalytic Converters From MBTA Commuters… Again

Getting arrested once for allegedly helping steal catalytic converters from vehicles in MBTA parking lots apparently didn’t send the right message to a New Bedford woman.


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Siblings Arrested For Catalytic Converter Thefts At MBTA Station

A brother and sister have been arrested and charged with stealing catalytic converters from commuters’ cars parked at the Dedham Corp. MBTA station.


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Catalytic Converters Stolen Off SUVs For Scrap In Carver

Carver police say someone is stealing expensive car parts to sell off as scrap metal.