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Review Your Mutual Fund Annual Statement

Mutual fund companies send out annual statements the end of January. My strong recommendation here is to take the time to review them.

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When To Sell Your Mutual Funds

The number one reason to sell is when your goals or objectives are met and you need the dollars to pay for the goal.

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Police are looking for a man who stole money from a Dunkin Donuts in Everett.

Thief Grabs Dough From Cash Register At Everett Dunkin Donuts

Police in Everett are trying to identify a man who held up a Dunkin Donuts.


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Finding The Cash For Christmas

Where can you find some extra cash this week?

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Bradley Jay: ‘At Christmas, Cash Is Not King.’

Click play to watch the Jay Talking video and see how you neighbors feel about giving and receiving cash for Christmas.

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Do You Need To Increase Your Deductions For 2012?

I don’t know what Congress is planning to do regarding tax changes. What I do know is that every year around the third week of December Congress decides to change the tax code.

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Who’s On Your Christmas List This Year?

Take the time this week to sit down with pen and paper and make out a list of who you are planning on buying presents for.

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Lesson One From The National Foundation For Credit Counseling

Halloween tricks or treats come along only once a year, but the consequences of financial decisions we make usually last far past the next Halloween.

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Protecting Mothers From Scams

Protecting mom from a scam may not be as easy you think.

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Kids & Cash: T. Rowe Price’s 2012 Parents, Kids & Money Survey

A recent survey from T. Rowe Price surveyed parents, and for the first time, their kids, and revealed that kids ages 8 to 14 want to know more about money matters, particularly about saving and how to make money.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–04/10/2012