Taxes On Your InvestmentsInvestments that you hold for less than a year are taxed as ordinary income. Investments that you hold longer than one year are taxed at a lower rate.
Mid-Year Tax Planning When Selling Your Primary ResidenceThe real estate market has been busy this year, so if you sold your house this spring or have it on the market you may get a tax break when you sell your home.
Taxes On Your InvestmentsWith capital gains come capital losses, but you can use your losses against your gains.
Tax Planning For Your Capital Gains & DividendsTo be eligible for the long-term capital gains tax you must have held the asset for at least one year.
The Taxes On Your InvestmentsInvestments that you hold for less than a year and then sell are considered short term investments and are taxed as ordinary income.
What’s On Your Tax Return?Review your tax situation now so you have some idea what tax bracket you will fall into this year.
Year End Tax Planning For Dividends And Capital Gains Dividends are a way a corporation shares its profits with its shareholders.
Opinion: Romney Is Still Hiding The BallHidden in the thousands of pages that W. Mitt Romney shared with the John McCain campaign but will not share with voters is information about the millions of dollars he has made in foreign income.
Opinion: Mitt Romney's 13% Tax Admission Is Not EnoughMitt Romney pays a SHOCKINGLY low percentage of his income on taxes. For a man of his means seeking public office it is a SHAMEFUL number. But Romney is a man without shame.
Mid-Year Tax Planning For Those Miscellaneous ItemsWBZ's Dee Lee discusses some of those miscellaneous items for your tax planning purposes.
Tax Season: Taxes On Your Investments WBZ's Dee Lee talks capital gains, losses and dividends.
Year End Tax Planning: What’s On Your Tax Return?The standard deduction for couples filing jointly is $11,600 and for singles it is one half that at $5,800 for this year.