DNA Scan That Can Detect 1,800 Diseases In Newborns Raises Privacy ConcernsDoctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are offering new parents a landmark test that could screen newborns for around 1,800 conditions. But most parents are declining the controversial test.
Maine Man To Get Innovative Amputation Surgery If it’s successful, it will allow his brain to control a robotic prosthesis, restoring natural movement.
Antidepressants During Pregnancy Pose Low Risk To Unborn Baby, Study FindsA new study by researchers at Brigham and Women's suggest taking antidepressants during pregnancy may not be as harmful as once thought.
Marathon Survivor Gillian Reny 'Stepping Strong' To Help Others RecoverGillian Reny nearly lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing. Her mission now is to help doctors find new and even better ways to help others recover from similar devastating injuries.
Antidepressant May Be New Alternative To Treat Hot Flashes Seventy percent of menopausal women experience hot flashes and night sweats, and for years, estrogen has been the gold standard for treatment.
Brigham And Women's Medical Scribes Help Doctors Focus On Patient Care Have you ever gone to see your doctor but instead of talking face-to-face, her back is to you as she types away on a computer screen?
Marathon Medical Response Strengthened After Bombing On Marathon Monday Boston hospitals and first responders are always prepared to see runners with the typical injuries of cramping or dehydration.
'Diabetes Day' Stresses Importance Of Prevention The American Diabetes Association is encouraging all Americans to find out if they're at risk for developing Type Two diabetes.
Boston Researchers To Study Genome Sequencing In Newborns A new study will give Boston-area parents the chance to have their newborn baby's DNA analyzed.
New Study Finds Infertility Could Be Linked To Chemical In Plastic A troubling new study could explain why some couples have trouble conceiving.
Vermont Woman Reveals New Face After Transplant At Brigham And Women's Hospital A Vermont woman who was disfigured after an attack by her ex-husband has revealed her new face.
Boston Researchers Work To Grow Human Organs