WBZ’s Ed Walsh speaks with ABC’s Matt Gutman about the tropical depression making its way toward BP’s ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico


Gibbs: BP's ruptured oil well leaking from top

A White House spokesman says BP’s ruptured oil well is leaking at the top, along with seepage about two miles away. Robert Gibbs also says officials are monitoring bubbles that can be seen on an […]


WBZ Morning Headlines 7/15/10

A possible compromise in the casino gambling debate; a report says BP was involved in the release of the Pan Am Lockerbie bomber.  Details on these and more top morning stories.


Stops and starts for BP engineers

WBZ’s Deb Lawler speaks with CBS reporter Dave  Cohen in Louisiana.


My WBZ Morning Headlines 7-13-2010

A Coast Guard station is destroyed by a massive fire on Martha’s Vineyard.  Details on this and more top morning stories.


New cap in place on leaking well

Testing of a new, tighter cap on the Gulf gusher begins today to see if the device can stop the spewing crude.


Oil unleashed temporarily in attempt to contain it

Robotic submarines working a mile underwater removed a leaking cap from the gushing Gulf oil well Saturday, starting a painful trade-off: Millions more gallons of crude will flow freely into the sea for at least […]