Judge Rules Against Bob Lobel In Golf Course Discrimination CaseThere’s been a legal setback for a former WBZ sportscaster in his lawsuit against a Newton golf course.
Bob Lobel Sues Newton Golf Course For DiscriminationBob Lobel uses a specialized cart that Woodland Golf Club will not allow.
Iconic News Team Reunites To Say 'Thanks Jack'Bob Lobel and Liz Walker surprise Jack Williams to say farewell to the retiring anchor.
Liz Walker Looks Back Fondly On ‘Magical’ Era As Co-Anchor With Jack WilliamsWith Jack Williams stepping down from his full-time anchor duties after 39 years at WBZ, Liz Walker looked back fondly on an era she described as “magical.”
Bob Lobel Recalls Jack Williams As ‘A Natural’ At Connecting With ViewersLooking back on his years working with Jack Williams, former WBZ sports anchor Bob Lobel shared memories of his friend and longtime colleague.
Boston Bruins Game 7: A Look Back And A Look Way BackGame 7's are exciting, but boy are they stressful. Here is a look down memory lane and how the Bruins got to where they are this season.
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