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A local man lost his gun license and his weapons because of what he posted on his blog.

Arlington Man Loses Gun License Due To Blog About Tucson Shooting

An Arlington man has lost his gun license and his weapons all because of what he posted online.


Christmas Spirit

It’s The Most Wonderful Time…..

Hello all. Just a note to tell you I’ll be on vacation for the next week or so. As a result this blog might be quiet until I get back.


Tuck's Blog: Defense Lacks Physical Character

The Super-Bowl winning Patriot teams had a physical attitude on defense that came from veteran leadership. Who will step up this year as the leaders of the 2010 Patriot defense?


"It’s All in a Name"

If, like me, you find yourself reading every chance you get in nearly everyplace you are, it’s bound to happen.  You begin to notice them.  It’s a certain something “between the lines.”  In my case […]


"Driving Me Crazy No More"

Epiphanies often hit you square in the kisser.  At other times they ease their way into your existence gently, without much fanfare at all, kind of like the gradual change of season’s summer to fall.


"About Those Ratings"

The ratings are out.  No, not the Nielsons, they are always out— somewhere.  I’m referring to the annual Gallop poll asking a random number of Americans to rate institutions, those entities that the dictionary defines […]


"Mall Scare"

As a teenager, I didn’t often hang out at the local shopping mall.  The practice had just started to become the rage at that time.  It was truly the birth of “mall rats,” a modern […]


"Take Time"

I was cleaning out a desk drawer at home.  Every once in a while it makes sense to try and adopt some feng shui in your life, even if it’s one desk drawer at a […]




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