Lane Johnson Continues To Hate The Patriots, Accuses Belichick & Kraft Of Pre-Super Bowl Trash TalkLane Johnson really dislikes the New England Patriots.
Patriots Reportedly Hiring Martial Arts Expert To Help With Pass RushThe Patriots are going a bit outside of the box in hopes of boosting their pass rush.
Bill Belichick Releases Statement On Matt Patricia: 'Confident In Matt’s Character'Patriots head coach Bill Belichick released a statement in support of Matt Patricia.
Bill Parcells On Drama Between Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Robert Kraft: 'It Doesn't Mean Anything'If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about harboring some bad feelings toward Belichick, it would be his former boss, Bill Parcells.
Trump To Appoint Belichick To White House Sports CouncilNew England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is joining President Donald Trump's "Council On Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition."
President Trump Talked To Bill Belichick About Tom Brady's Status, Report SaysIt seems interest in Tom Brady's status with the New England Patriots goes all the way to the White House.
Hurley: Tom Brady's Pleading Of The Fifth May Not Signal Armageddon, But It Is Indicative Of Ongoing DisagreementWhile his laudatory comments for Belichick do help keep this situation contained, the pleading the Fifth part is still a significant tell that Brady remains bothered by certain conditions at Gillette Stadium. And he's doing all that he can to let them be known without presenting himself as someone who's overtly complaining.
Tom Brady Takes The Fifth When Asked If He's Appreciated By PatriotsTom Brady confirmed he’ll definitely be back next season, but he refused to answer when asked if he felt appreciated by the organization.
Patriots' Draft Grades: Belichick Receives Overwhelmingly Positive ReviewsIt's everybody's favorite time of year. No, not NFL Draft season ... but NFL Draft grading season.
Patriots Opt To Not Draft 'QB Of The Future,' Which Bodes Well For Tom BradyIt would appear that the Patriots will be Tom Brady's team for the foreseeable future.
Patriots' 'Return' For Jimmy Garoppolo Got A Lot More ComplicatedHere's the recap of exactly what has become of Jimmy Garoppolo, as far as the Patriots are concerned.
Bill Belichick Alters Course With Sony Michel Pick In First RoundWhen the Patriots were back on the clock at No. 31, there wasn't a soul alive -- or at least, there shouldn't have been -- who expected the team to select running back Sony Michel.