New Boston Bike Lane Causes ConfusionA new bike path in Boston designed to protect cyclists from cars is creating some confusion.
Hand Painted Lane Draws Attention To Bike Safety In BostonIt started out as maybe a protest, or maybe a joke, or maybe a little of both. But the City of Boston has washed away the hand painted bike lane on the Congress St. bridge.
Drivers Who Stop In Bike Lanes Could Be Fined $50 Under BillDrivers who stop in bicycle lanes could face fines of up to $50 under a bill Massachusetts lawmakers have delivered to Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.
Boston Installs Shared Bike Lane On Huntington Ave Where Cyclist Was KilledThe city of Boston moved to make a notoriously dangerous stretch of Huntington Avenue somewhat safer for cyclists by installing partial bike lanes.
Mass. Ave Bike Lane Would Eliminate 70 Parking SpotsAnother battle is shaping up in the unofficial war over expanded cycling in the city of Boston.