Big Dig

Some the asphalt-covered potholes leading to the Zakim Bridge

Keller @ Large: Big Dig Warns Us About Grandiose Promises

Think of all the unrealistic expectations and grandiose promises about the Big Dig that led us to this depressing point.


The most deteriorated section is 93 northbound as you come out of the O’Neill Tunnel.

New Round Of Big Dig Repairs Could Cost State $1 Million

State highway administrator Frank DePaola told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Thursday they’ll fix an area where the concrete is crumbling.


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Big Dig Debt Continues To Hamper Mass. Transportation

The Big Dig has left a gaping financial hole in the state’s transportation budget that isn’t likely to be filled anytime soon.



New Report Casts Doubt On Big Dig Sinkhole

A new report is casting doubt on whether there’s a “sinkhole” under the Big Dig after all.


MassDOT surveillance video shows the accident that knocked down ceiling lights at the Tip O'Neill Tunnel on Wednesday.

New Video Shows Accident That Took Down Boston Tunnel’s Ceiling Lights

New video released by MassDOT shows the accident that took down ceiling lights inside the Tip O’Neill Tunnel on Wednesday night.


Workers begin drilling to measure a void under the I-90 Connector Tunnels.

Test Drilling Begins Under Big Dig Tunnels

Big Dig officials are digging holes to see how much soil and clay has settled under two of the projects tunnels and to determine whether repairs need to be made.


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Workers Begin Investigating Big Dig Sinkhole

A drilling operation will measure and test the soil that is settling under the South Station railroad tracks.


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State Reveals Plans To Fix Big Dig Soil, Lights, Guard Rails

Massachusetts transportation officials revealed long-term plans to repair several Big Dig issues on Thursday.


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Rep. Lynch Renews Calls For Big Dig Investigation

A common ground freezing technique was used when the tunnel was built, but as it has thawed it has created a massive sinkhole.


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MassDOT To Manage Issues Like Big Dig Leaks ‘As They Arise’

Two sections of the I-90 connecter tunnel under South Boston are leaking, and at times, there are hundreds of gallons of water rushing in every hour. It’s the biggest leak in the Big Dig.