Beach Erosion

One of the homes threatened by beach erosion on Plum Island. (Photo by Carl Stevens)

Beach Erosion Forces State Of Emergency On Plum Island

A state of emergency has been declared in the town of Newbury for homes on Plum Island.


Erosion could be compromising the structural integrity of this home on Plum Island. (CBS)

Beach Erosion Endangers Plum Island Home

There are some serious problems on Plum Island. The sea is on the verge of swallowing up another home.


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$75,000 Of Plum Island Sand Washed Away

Just days after tons of sand was dumped on Plum Island beaches, a heavy rain storm washed it all away, and with it, the $75,000 anti-erosion investment.


Rip currents keep bathers close to shore in East

On beaches from Maryland to New Jersey, rip currents and strong swells in the Atlantic Ocean associated with Hurricane Danielle meant another day of swimming restrictions.


Work to begin on shoring up the shoreline

Several communities are wringing out a lot of water after four straight days of rain.