ATM Skimmer

Police say this man put a skimmer on a North End ATM.

ATM Skimmers Found At Banks In Boston And Peabody

The Secret Service is looking for a man who installed skimming devices on ATMs in both Boston’s North End and in Peabody.


Police say two men used an ATM skimmer at a Walpole ATM. (Surveillance image)

Police Look For Men Who Used Skimmer At Walpole ATM

Walpole Police are looking for two men who put a skimmer at an ATM, stealing customers’ information.


The ATM on the left has the device, while the ATM on the right does not. (Photos from Taunton Police)

ATM Skimming Device Found At Eastern Bank In Taunton

Taunton police are warning people to be careful when using ATM’s in town.