Whole Foods CEOs Apologize For Overcharging IssuesWhole Foods Market's CEOs apologized Thursday after an investigation found that the grocer routinely overcharged for prepackaged fruits, vegetables and deli meats.
New England Patriots Apologize For 'Regrettable Tweet'The New England Patriots have apologized after a social media celebration went horribly wrong.
Boston Herald, Artist Apologize For Obama 'Watermelon Toothpaste' CartoonThe Boston Herald issued an apology Wednesday for a political cartoon mocking President Obama and the Secret Service security failures.
Brookline Bank Robber Apologizes, Thanks Tellers After Getting CashA man who has robbed a bank in Brookline twice in the last two months apologized to tellers and thanked them as he took off on Tuesday.
Ex-FBI Agent Apologizes To Murdered Man's Family At Bulger TrialDisgraced former FBI supervisor John Morris became tearful and choked up on the witness stand as he was apologizing to victims' families.
Fired Plow Driver Back With New Video - An ApologyIt’s probably too late, but the snow plow driver who was fired for a foul-mouthed video he made during the blizzard says he’s sorry.
Brown Apologizes For Comment About 'Actors' In Warren Asbestos AdsSen. Scott Brown is apologizing for suggesting Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren used paid actors in political ads defending her legal work in an asbestos lawsuit.
MBCR: No Apology Could SufficeThe people in charge of the commuter rail say there is no apology that they could issue that would make things better for the people who were on broken down trains for five hours Monday.