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New Law To Force Airlines To Reimburse Passengers For Lost Luggage

New rules will force airlines to reimburse passengers for lost luggage. But, there’s a catch.


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Analyst: Baggage Fees ‘Essential’ For Airlines To Stay In Business

It’s a staggering number: $3.4 billion. That’s how much airlines made last year in baggage fees, according to a government report.


Gary Lapierre

Gouging In America. It’s Everywhere!!!!!

I’m thinking I should get out more and maybe I’ll have a better understanding of why we take it on the chin (for lack of the exact body part) day-in and day-out.


(Courtesy: SATA Airlines-Facebook)

SATA Expanding Flights To Portugal, Lisbon & The Azores

With a little assist from Boston College, SATA Airlines has given the flight from Boston to Lisbon, Portugal and the Azores a big lift.



New Government Rule Tackles Fees, Bumping, Delays

The U.S. government is adding new protections for travelers when airlines lose their bags, bump them off flights or hold them on the runway for hours.


Inside Logan Airport (credit: Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Tips For Beating The High Cost of Air Travel

More airlines are hopping on board another move to increase fares and surcharges to reflect the ever rising cost of jet fuel.


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Curious About Airline “Collusion”

Why do most major airlines raise or decrease fares altogether? If one airline raise prices usually they all follow and if they don’t then the airline that first increased prices rolls them back. Is there collusion within the airline industry? – Brad, Peabody


The control tower at Logan Airport (AP Photo)

Fees Cut At Logan Airport, As Traffic Increases

Even though energy and food costs are rising, Massport is cutting some fees it charges to airlines at Logan Airport.



Tips On Redeeming Airline Miles

Airline rewards miles are pretty easy to earn, but they can be tough to redeem.


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VIP Discount Travel Sites Growing

Members only shopping sites have long been popular, but those offering VIP travel packages are the latest to launch.





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