Airline Travel

Gary Lapierre

There Is “Something” About Airline Travel

And by the way, the unpleasant experience in the air is not all the airline’s fault. I firmly believe the flying public takes an obnoxious pill before every flight. It could be because they know it’s not going to be a nice experience and thus, they come prepared to be a pain in the ass. People are rude….in many, many, many walks of life….but let ’em step into the airplane and they become Alec Baldwin.


Flights up at Logan Airport

Despite the dismal economy, Logan Airport is seeing an increase in ticket sales.  WBZ’s Anthony Silva has details in this report.


I've Gotta Weigh-In On This One….

    I’m sure you’ve heard or read about the flight attendant in New York City who went into a snit when he was “accidentally”  bumped in the head by a jerk passenger’s luggage.