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Vibrating Insoles May Improve Balance in Seniors

Physicians and researchers have figured out how to reverse slips and falls in seniors.


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Looks Matter: The Signs Of Aging That Can Signal Heart Disease

As if getting older is not challenging enough, research points to certain signs of aging as a marker for higher risk of heart disease.



Why Older Women Are More Satisfied With Their Sex Life

Many believe that as a woman ages, she becomes less satisfied with her sex life. But new research suggests it’s just the opposite.


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Keller @ Large: A Late Stage Boomer Correction

The “don’t trust anyone over 30″ generation is now well over 30? Um, never mind.


A Brookline salon is helping some erase their wrinkles without surgery.

Brookline Salon Helping People Get A Natural Facelift

You squeeze in time to exercise. You try to eat right. You feel great. But sometimes you don’t always look as young as you feel.


Discussing Finances With Aging Parents

Discussing finances with aging parents is not easy and it turns out, most of us don’t do it. A recent study found 94 percent of Americans have not had that crucial conversation.


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The Risks Of Degenerative Dieses With Dr James Meschino, Author, The Meschino Optimal Living Program – July 24, 2010 #73/1

W@R discusses aging and health with Dr. James Meschino the author of The Meschino Optimal Living Program: Seven Steps To A Healthy, Fit, Age Resistant Body.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–07/24/2010